The Accidental Environmentalist

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Earth is hurtling at rapid speeds toward becoming a colossal mess that may only be salvageable by unplugging it and then plugging it back in.

Our newsfeeds are full of videos of dead sea animals washed up on our shores with plastic in their bellies, images of the arctic polar ice caps melting, and news of our government shutting down the very establishments created to help preserve our land and the environment.

We are a society that craves personalized, easily accessible, and on-demand consumerism that’s creating piles and piles of materials that cannot be recycled and are often produced from non-recycled materials themselves. It can be so hard to turn a blind eye to these alluring items at alluring prices that come at an incredible convenience because OMG Zara has a sale on jackets for 20% off, and I need the newest coat!

But what are we doing? What effects do our choices have on our Earth? Some say what we do has no impact, but what if it does? Is there anything wrong with taking care of our Earth, even if what we do does not destroy it? When did we become so disconnected from our planet?

Fortunately, there are a series of organizations and companies working on developing ways to mitigate these issues. Their battles are noble, and their efforts valiant, and we will start to use this website as a platform to educate and encourage these operations.

But most importantly, what we want to encourage everyone to do is fall in love with nature. To appreciate its beauty, its power, and its teachings. Everything we need to know and learn we can learn from Mama Nature: patience, persistence, design, struggle, history, empathy, the power of change, and stillness.

We are dedicated to helping mothers through motherhood, and thus we think it’s critical to hold a space for the thing that will support us all: our big, beautiful, blue planet. And we know we still have a lot to learn. As we do, we look forward to  sharing the lessons we pick up along the way.

And perhaps, if we can see and appreciate the Earth and love her again, we will be more inclined to participate in events that will protect her so that in the future our little ones (and their little ones) will be able to enjoy her as much as we do.

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