You've Got This

I see you mama, wondering if you ate enough vegetables when you were pregnant or read enough to your baby while in utero, stressing about what organic swaddle to put your newborn in.

Well, I’m here to tell you: you can relax.

The truth is, you love your child, and your child loves you. Love is the greatest gift you can give your child; anything beyond that is icing on this delicious cake.

Now, I’m not pretending there aren’t some haters out there, other moms who feel the need to judge how you and everyone else mothers. Maybe you’ve seen them at the park, huddled together near the slides, scanning the playground with their mochachinos in hand and their heads bowed toward each other. These are the same mamas who might try to shame you for not breastfeeding or taking your little ones to mommy and me yoga classes.

Let them think what they think: you can’t change their minds. The only mind you can change is your own. And the fact that you care enough to think and stress about your child is proof in and of itself that you’re doing a great job at this whole mama thing.

Remind yourself of all of the love and compassion you give your child on a daily basis. When fear creeps in or you doubt what you are doing, remember that, above all else, you and you alone are enough.

Do you love your baby? Does that little baby who is looking up at you love you? The answer is yes.

Congrats, you're doing great.

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